Area 11 - Knightmare Frame

   What   is   life   but   a   burden   for   me
   It   comes   alive   as   I   try   to   sleep
All   this   anger
Burning   inside   but   buried   deep
Watashi   to   issho   ni   kite   kudasai
Ichiban,   Zero
One   step   forward   and   two   to   the   side
Every   single   time,   whoa
I   fall   asleep   and   I   feel   I'm   falling
Nightmare   comes   without   warning   (Patricide!)
I   can't   seem   to   sleep   (The   guilt   inside!)
I   can't   stay   awake
In   my   dreams   I   feel   I'm   running
Towards   her   shining   light
Cocooned   in   steel   as   you   fall,   away
She   shines   for   me,    she   shines   for   me
Just   like   glass   I   saw   right   through
Something   I   couldn't   see,   something   I   couldn't   see
Until   I   changed   my   point   of   view
Inside   a   machine,   inside   a   machine
I   cannot   let   you   go
Inside   of   me,   inside   of   me
Judul : Area 11 - Knightmare Frame
Artist : Area 11
Genre : Rock
Language : English